FAQ & Help

Car Manual AI is an AI-powered (using Open Ai’s ChatGPT) assistant that is designed to answer your car-related questions using content from the official owner’s manual.

It was created by the people behind Manual-Directory.com, the largest car manual site in the world.

It takes data from the owner’s manual as well as its understanding of car maintenance, mechanics and general knowledge of the world to answer your queries.

Currently, the tool is set up to gather usage data (anonymously).

This data will be used to further improve the Car Manual AI tool over time, adding new features and improving the current ones.

Please feel free to try it out and report any issues that you may come across (on the contact page) to help us out.


How do you ask Car Manual AI a question?

You browse to the home page and use the dropdowns to select your make, model and year of car. Once selected, you are then sent to a chat page where you ask your first question. We then run that query through ChatGPT along with a bunch of other processes before and after to improve the response.

Do you store my information?

Currently, we only have access to anonymous information that you submit to us. We store the questions and answers to review them in the future to see how the tool performed. Do not submit any data/questions that you do not want us or ChatGPT to see.

When you sign up to the site we do have access to your email address but don’t make this public or share this with anyone.

How accurate is the information in the answers?

ChatGPT has been known to not deliver totally accurate answers in the past, an aspect that slowed its adoption among the public.

We ask ChatGPT to deliver answers based on content from owner’s manuals rather than craft a response that requires pulling in data and creating a new answer.

By doing this we are fairly confident that the answers are almost always accurate – we constantly browse through past conversations on this site and find the answers are more than helpful.